Q: Do I have to pay to view the photographs?

A: No. All photos are available for previewing at no charge! Simply click on "Find Your Photos” and follow the instructions.


Q: How can I find pictures of my athlete?

A: We use galleries which host each picture. When looking at a gallery, view the gallery to find photos of your athlete


Q: Will you come to my child's event and take some photos for me?

A: Yes. Special requests are encouraged! By clicking on "Request an Event” you can submit a simple form to have us contact you to make arrangements for your upcoming event. We can provide you with Individual and Action photos or video.


Q: How do I order prints?

A: Simply click on the "Find Your Photos” link and follow the on screen instructions to find your event. Once you have found your event, you can preview the numerous photos and find the ones you would like to order. Then simply select your desired products and you will be sent to a secure site for checkout. 


Q: I would like to order a photo from the website, but my child is a little small in the photo. Can you zoom it in?

A: Yes. All photos are cropped when they are printed, to maximize the subject in the frame. If there is more than one athlete in the photo, please let us know which one we should feature. You can let us know by filling in the comments section at the end of the ordering process.


Q: Why do the images have writing on them?

A: The images on the website are meant for proof purposes only. They are only intended to show the content of the image, not the final output. Prints that are ordered will be a much higher quality. You may however download the photo with the down arrow and use the branded photo on any website with our name on them.


Q: How long does it take to get my prints after I order them?

A: Once an order is placed it typically takes 1-3 business days to process and ship. After that it depends on what shipping method you choose. 


Q: Do you use digital cameras?

A: Yes, Action Sports Pixs uses Nikon Professional level digital cameras, lenses, and equipment. We do this to produce a professional level photo for you to enjoy for years to come.


Q: Do you digitally manipulate your images?

A: Not in the sense that some people think. Every image is manipulated in some way digitally. Most of the time it is to adjust the brightness, contrast, or colors, remove dust and to crop the image. We do NOT change the nature of the image (adding items, removing people from the background, etc.). Options such as making the background black and white are available for an additional charge.

Q: How can I use your photographs?

A: After an image is purchased it may be used for personal display in a home, school or office. You cannot scan nor download the image and place it on a website or in any sort of publication. The latter would constitute a violation of US copyright laws and would need to be licensed for such use. Please e-mail info@actionsportspixs.comif you have that sort of usage in mind.


Q: What if I don't want my child's photos on the Internet?

A: We will remove all the photos in question. Simply send us an email or call us. You should have the event name, game name, and the photo number ready so we'll know exactly which photos your referring to.


Q: What about the 10% return to my league?

A: Action Sports Pixs works with many leagues for special events, fund raisers, we will donate back to your league if its prearranged with us by an administrator. It?™s a great way to benefit on our great photographs and help out your League! Have an administrator contact us atinfo@actionsportspixs.com.
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