Copyright Info

Copyright Information
There are thousands of legal details which involve the use of copyrighted materials, the basic principles of the U.S. and International copyright laws are pretty straight forward -- if the work is an "original work of authorship," you may not use it without the permission of its creator. This law, of course, applies to all the photography on the Action Sports Pixs.com web site as well as to the web site itself.  Copyright laws state that any "original work of authorship" is protected from the moment of its creation. It is very important to understand that such a work need not be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office to enjoy copyright protection. Copyright Infringements can result in severe penalties as well a significant legal expenses.
The U.S. Copyright Law is the governments way to provide creative people with the legal clout to benefit financially from their creations.  Students and others interested in using photographs without charge can find many usable images by going to any internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo and typing in "free photography.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE All material at this site is Copyrighted  
©2014 Action Sports Pixs All Rights Reserved.  631-806-0583.  Material on this site may not be used in any manner without the express prior written consent of Action Sports Pixs.
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